Contact Us

Our office is located 3 km from the center of Ivalo. We are not there all the time, so best way to contact us is to send a message or call us!
If you wish, we can also come to meet you in the center of Ivalo, if you wish to have more information about our activities.

Address: Koppelontie 266B, 99800 IVALO
Phone: +358 40 158 9515 (also WhatsApp)

Office hours

During winter season 15.11.2019-12.4.2020, you can call us or send message between 8am-9pm.
Outside the season we work monday-friday 8-16, best way to contact is to send e-mail.

Send Us a Message

Please send us message if you would like to make a reservation or need more information!

For bookings, please tell us following details:
– Which activity
– Date, if you have several possible dates it would be better!

We will answer soon as possible 🙂