Terms and conditions


Ivalo Safaris (hereafter referred as the “supplier”) will follow these terms and conditions regarding reservations, services and cancellations. These terms and conditions are binding for both parties. Please read them carefully!

Cancellation terms:

More than 8 days prior to the arrival cancellation fee 30%
7-1 days prior to the arrival or no show 100% of the total amount.
For cancellations, please contact info@lvalosafaris.
– Please note if a guest is late for more than 5 minutes for the agreed pick up/meeting time, Ivalo Safaris reserves the right to cancel the booking with no possibility for a refund!


All changes or alterations to be made to the reservation shall be made by e-mail. The requested changes are subject to the written approval of supplier.

Services and pricing

The prices of services and the programme descriptions are presented in the product-specific descriptions in the online shop. The prices include VAT.
Safaris shall be subject to change due to weather conditions and the programme content may vary as well. The service provider reserves the right to change the price, duration, and programme of the safaris without prior notice.

Liability / Motor Insurance

Ivalo Safaris has a General Third Party Liability Insurance for bodily injury and property damage according to the terms and conditions of Pohjola Insurance Company Ltd.
All motor vehicles used in the programme are covered by motor insurance.

Personal travel insurance

Check your travel insurance coverage concerning damages.


Appropriate footwear and suitable outdoor clothing must be worn. We reserve the right to refuse participation to customers who are dressed inappropriately or with inappropriate footwear since this will put the client’s well-being and safety at risk.

Snowmobiles in safaris

– Own risk on in case of damage is max. 700€ per snowmobile per person per accident. – Alcohol tolerance 0 on all safaris.
– Valid driving license needed with customer on the safari (at least class T).
NOTE! Take your driving license with you on the snowmobile safaris

– Children travel in a sledge pulled by guide’s snowmobile. A parent may have to sit on sled with small children.
– If a child wants to travel as a passenger on the snowmobile he/she must be tall enough (app 140cm) to reach the steps and handles and be strong enough to hold on tight.

– If a child travels on the snowmobile, adult price (2 per snowmobile) applies.

The customer is obligated to use caution when driving a snowmobile. The customer is expected to follow the safety instructions prior the departure. Recklessness or disobedient behavior of the customer may result in a non-refundable termination of the booked activity. Ivalo Safaris reserves the right to exclude a customer from the programme, if he or she is considered to cause danger to him- or herself or others, or due to the customers’ health.

Ivalo Safaris doesn ́t recommend the snowmobile or snowmobile sled ride for pregnant women. Driving generates vibration and the snowmobile exhaust fumes can be harmful to the fetus.


All animals used in the services are trained as far it is possible for the activity. However, behaviour of animals can never be fully predicted and therefore, in order to reduce risks, given safety and other instructions have to be obeyed.

Force majeure

Strikes, lockouts, conflagrations, explosions, wars or warlike conditions, substantial restrictions on supplies and other circumstances outside the Supplier’s control entitles the Supplier to cancel the agreement without any liability in damages.

Law and Court

If any disputes are not able to be solved between the contractual parties, the Finnish law shall be used to solve the disputes. If any possible disagreements cannot be resolved by negotiation, they shall be resolved in the Lapland District Court ( Rovaniemi).